Look who’s talking

For the last 6 months or so, I have been very worried about Eli not talking.  I remember very clearly how fluent Hannah was at this age and there were fewer tantrums as we understood her much better.

Eli has been very difficult and the tantrums have been horrible to say the least.  N and I get so frustrated cos he just screams at the top of lungs when he wants something and no one understands him.

Towards the end of last year Eli started saying a few words and I kinda got a bit settled.  I also think that he is lazy and and Hannah usually talks for him so there isn’t a need for him to say much.

We got a new nanny early this year and my biggest priority was that she needs to read to him, tell him the words of the stuff she gives him to eat and just spend as much time on him and not concentrate on the housework as he is the priority.  She has been so good with him and I am so glad.

This weekend Hannah was sick and I needed to go to the shops to get a few things.  N said that he would take care of Hannah while I was gone but I should take Eli with me.

We got to the shop and as we past the fruit section Eli says ‘apple’ and then he sees the banana’s and he says ‘nana’.  We got to the bakery section and he says ‘cake mamma’.  I was thrilled beyond words but the highlight of my day was when he asked for more dinner and when I dished up for him he said ‘thank u’.

Our paed warned me that girls are a hard act to follow and that if he wasn’t talking by the time he turned two, we should have him checked out.  I am so glad that I listened to her advice and that he is talking.  We just need to keep reminding him that he needs to use his words.

Well done my boy! Can’t wait for you to talk my ear off 🙂


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