First day of Grade 1

Where has the time gone? It seems like just the other day Hannah was a little baby and we were eager for her to take her first steps or say her first words.

Last week this time we were in full scale prep mode for Hannah’s first day of Grade 1.

labelling pencils

I had to painstakingly label each pencil and N couldn’t understand my obsession with why the labels all have to face the same direction and be placed on each pencil in the same spot.  Ok, I admit I may have a problem 🙂

On Tuesday we had to go to school to meet Hannah’s teacher and I was so happy with Hannah’s teacher as she was the Grade Head last year so I knew that Hannah will be in very capable hands.  Hannah had to complete an activity at school and once she was done we could leave.  The little by who sits next to Hannah was crying and I told Hannah to be friends with him and introduce him to the other boys as he did Grade R at another school so he didn’t have any friends.  Hannah pipes up and says to the little boy, ‘Don’t worry I’ll introduce you to everyone. I know all the boys’.

When we left school after meeting the teacher, I asked Hannah if she liked her teacher:

Hannah: Yes, she’s ok

Me: Just ok? What’s wrong?

Hannah: I am nervous about going to school tomorrow.

Me: Why?

Hannah: What if they ask me to do Maths? I don’t know how to do Maths.

Me: Hannah, that’s why you are going to school.  They will teach you Maths and lots of other stuff

Hannah: Ok, then I’m fine …I’m not nervous anymore.

On Wednesday morning we were all up early as everyone was excited about the first day of school, even little brother was in on the action.

Feedback so far from Hannah is that school is good.

How did your little one’s enjoy their first few days of school


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