Monday quirks by Hannah

Hannah is quite a funny little girl and she sometimes says the quirkiest things ever.  I want to keep a record of it as my memory is not as good after two pregnancies,  this will become a regular Monday post.

Last weekend while driving in the car Hannah was chatting away as usual and suddenly got all serious and this is how the story went:

Hannah: Mom, I think that someone steals my socks at night

Me: What do you mean by stealing your socks?
Hannah: Well, I go to bed with two socks on and I get up in the morning with half (I am sure she meant one but this is Hannah)
Me: ( Trying very hard to keep a straight face) Have you checked under you bed to see that they didn’t  end up there?
Hannah: No, I can’t
Me Why not?
Hannah: Because whoever is stealing my socks could be hiding under my bed and I don’t want to see them.

Kids!!! They do really say the darnedest things

What quirky things have your little ones said?


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