Frugal Living

Buying a new house, having a baby, going on maternity leave, petrol price hikes, high food cost have really taken a toll on our budget.  Let me just say that there has been some cutting back in the Pillay household when it comes to spending.

First thing we have cut out was take aways.  This has not only helped reduce our spending but has also been keeping us healthy.  Friday nights were usually take away nights, since Hannah enjoys making her own food we have been making homemade take aways.  We have been having pizzas, wraps, burgers, wors rolls with home made chips.  Hannah loves putting together her burgers, and adding toppings on pizzas ….I think she definitely takes after me in that regard.
I always did one big shop at the month end to get groceries and still went to the shops once a week to get fruit and yoghurt and other little things.  This added up to a lot and didn’t seem to be working out well.  This month I decided to make a menu for the week including what N and I will be taking for lunch each day and then made the grocery list for the week before going to shop.  I will add up the spend at the end of the month to see if this is working out cheaper for us.
We’ve also been very diligent about taking a packed lunch to work everyday, instead of opting for a bought lunch which in most cases is unhealthy and expensive.
Next on the list of things to cut down was all the cakes, cookies and desserts that we bought on a regular basis.  Now I have the worst will power ever when it comes to resisting any type of sweet treat so instead of buying these items, I have been baking a lot more and I am really enjoying trying out new recipes and my family are definitely not complaining.
Lets see if we can keep this up!!!!!
Have you had to cut back on spending because of the high cost of living?

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