6 month Pediatrician appointment

This Tuesday was Eli’s 6 month check up with the Pediatrician  (I know its late but the she was on holiday and only got back this Monday).

We went to the appointment and I made a list of concerns that I wanted to chat to her about.  One of the things on my list was the fact that Eli can turn from front to back but not the other way around and the other was that he cannot sit unaided and falls to his side.

I have always put it down to laziness and him being a boy, as I have been told that boys are a little slower.

Now I regret telling her these things as I feel like his development is slow and that I am a bad mother for not doing all I can to get him to reach these milestones.  She said that if he is not sitting by himself in a months time we will have to take him to a physio therapist.

The reason why I regret telling her this is because yesterday, I decided to do some research on what makes a baby turn from their back to their front and it seems that Eli is actually trying and making an effort to.  He does the stretching, leaning to one side as if to turn and the lifting of his body of the floor.  So he should master the art of rolling in a few more weeks.  With regards to the sitting N pointed out yesterday that he can sit if he is leaning forward to get a toy and can support himself for about 3-4 seconds.

I think I may have been a bit paranoid and am second guessing my decision to keep him at home instead of creche like I did with his sister although at the time I didn’t have the luxury of having a nanny.

That said, I will continue to monitor him very closely and have also advised that the nanny give him a lot more tummy/floor time than he has been getting.


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