Hannah’s Monday quirk

On Thursday evening, I got home and there were a few ripe bananas lying in the fruit bowl which I knew wasn’t going to get eaten.  I decided to make some banana bread. Continue reading “Hannah’s Monday quirk”


My Little Man is growing up

It turns out that I had nothing to worry about regarding Eli’s development as I mentioned in a previous post.

He has started rolling around and moving himself to get his toys and we have also been encouraging to sit and he can sit unsupported for short periods so we just have to keep a close eye on him when he is sitting.

I am sooo glad that we didn’t have to take him to a physiotherapist.

Well done Little Man!!!  Mommy’s very proud of you!


Frugal Living

Buying a new house, having a baby, going on maternity leave, petrol price hikes, high food cost have really taken a toll on our budget.  Let me just say that there has been some cutting back in the Pillay household when it comes to spending.

First thing we have cut out was take aways.  This has not only helped reduce our spending but has also been keeping us healthy.  Friday nights were usually take away nights, since Hannah enjoys making her own food we have been making homemade take aways.  We have been having pizzas, wraps, burgers, wors rolls with home made chips.  Hannah loves putting together her burgers, and adding toppings on pizzas ….I think she definitely takes after me in that regard.

6 month Pediatrician appointment

This Tuesday was Eli’s 6 month check up with the Pediatrician  (I know its late but the she was on holiday and only got back this Monday).

We went to the appointment and I made a list of concerns that I wanted to chat to her about.  One of the things on my list was the fact that Eli can turn from front to back but not the other way around and the other was that he cannot sit unaided and falls to his side.

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