Operation Shoebox

Recently while browsing on the Internet, I came across a charitable organization called Operation Shoebox.  They ask you to pledge a shoebox of goodies for a child or elderly person that they can distribute for Christmas.

This organization really caught my attention as N and I tend to always look for something to do at Christmas time to give back to the community.
Pledges opened on 17th August and they have such a simple system in place to pledge your shoebox.  It literally took me 5 minutes and I was done.  I received my confirmation email with the 30 minute promised time frame and I am all set to get my shoe boxes together to make my pledge.
If you have some time and would really like to get involved, please go over to the site and make your pledge
It will be the best 5 minutes of your week as you will know that you can bring a smile to someone’s face and make someone’s day and if you make your pledge early, you have enough time to put together your shoebox.
Go on make your pledge today!!!!



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