Aren’t weekends meant for resting?

Since I went back to work after being on maternity leave I thought that weekends were my time to rest and replenish my energy for the next work week.  Little did I know that I would be going non-stop from the time I wake up in the mornings until I went to bed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not upset about my busy weekends, its just that I don’t get any time to put up my feet and read a good book or catch up with a friend for coffee ….some me time!!!!!

Let me tell you what my typical Saturday is like.  We get up around seven am since that’s when Eli gets up and then we stay in bed for about an hour playing with the kids as Hannah usually joins us as soon as she hears her brother is up.  Then I get the kids to the kitchen for breakfast.  Up until recently I would feed Eli his breakfast but I have since learnt the art of delegating and it is now N’s responsibility to feed Eli his meals on the weekends.  I then make breakfast for N and myself and clean up afterward.
Next it’s bath time for the kids and some play time outside until lunch.  I make the kids lunch and then our lunch, which is usually a very light lunch.  I have also been making Eli’s food instead of giving him purity, so in between I have to make his food for the week to freeze.  It’s then time to pull out the recipe book to see what sweet treat I can make for us to enjoy later with tea or as dessert. While I am baking I start on cooking supper.
Now I know most people have big Sunday lunches but in our family Saturday night dinner has been the big weekend meal for as long as I can remember.  My gran would prepare a feast and we would all sit around the table and enjoy a hearty dinner, good conversation and quality family time. I have tried to keep the tradition and so I make a few dishes for Saturday supper.  Yesterday for example, I felt like having roti with a mince kebabs and some roast chicken with roast potatoes and butternut.
A typical Sunday would be getting up and making breakfast and thereafter getting everyone ready for church.  Once we are ready for church we have lunch, pack Eli’s nappy bag and some snacks for Hannah, get everyone into the car and leave for afternoon church.  When we get home it is a mad dash to get changed into pyjamas, supper, packing bags for the next morning and bed time routine’s. We try to have an early night on Sunday especially for Hannah as getting in the mornings for school is no easy task.

Seems like my body decided that I have had enough.  I got up this morning with a sore throat and a post nasal drip.  Took some meds and chilled for most of the day, but I did make a Victoria Sponge cake this morning using Lorraine Pascale’s recipe and it turned out divine.

As you can see there really isn’t time for any me time, but I guess I am doing something that I really love and that is cooking and baking and ensuring that we have lots of family time.
What I are your weekends like?

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