Parks and Recreation

I have lived in our area since I moved to Jozi a little over 10 years ago and we have been married for a little over 9 years.  We used to live in a two bedroom townhouse in an upstairs unit.  Hannah never really had much space to play around in and we used to wonder if there was a park in our area that we could take her to so that she could ride her bike and just run around and let off some steam.

Now N is not the most adventurous type and would rather stay at home at all costs.  He will only leave the house on the weekends under extreme conditions or duress and necessities like going to church on a Sunday.  Hence why we’ve always wondered if the was a park close by and never really ventured out to look for a park.
My insistence and obsession with taking Hannah out to play lead to us to go to some of the more well known parks like Zoo Lake, Emmarentia, Delta Park to name a few.
When we found out I was pregnant with Eli I told N that we had to find a new house with a yard as the kids will not be able to play indoors forever.  We bought our new house mostly because of the incredible outdoor space we have that the kids can play in and it is safe.
Towards the end of last year one of the mom’s from Hannah’s class at crèche mentioned that there most definitely is a park in our area.  When I was on maternity leave I decided to go check it out and to my surprise it is in the next road from where our new house is.  I told N about it and told him that we must take the kids.  I have been convincing him the entire week that the kids need to get some outdoor air on the weekend and since they were sick this week he didn’t want to go.  Today turned out to be such a glorious, sunny day here in Jozi that it would have been such a waste if we didn’t make the most of it.
I took Hannah to the shops this morning to get some snacks for our picnic and then got home and packed everything and went out to our newly discovered park.


I was so happy to see my baby girl enjoying herself on the swings, seesaw and slide.  I also just had to get on the swing for old time sake.  It brought back memories of my childhood and my dad giving me a push on the swing.



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