The kidlets are sick

On Sunday Eli got up and he didn’t seem himself and I wasn’t feeling great as well.  I told N that I wasn’t going with him to church and Eli can stay with me and we’ll rest for the afternoon. After Hannah and N left for church I took Eli to put him down for a nap and he just wouldn’t nap.  He was niggly which is very out of character for my usually happy boy.

On Monday morning I got up and still didn’t feel great so I stayed home under the covers for most of the day and avoided Eli like the plague cos I didn’t want him to catch whatever I had.  I doused myself with men’s and felt a lot better by the evening. 
Yesterday morning Hannah gets up with a stuffy nose so I told her to stay home and take some meds. When I got home from work I found that both Hannah and Eli were not doing well and both will need to go the doctor.
Eli was so niggly last night that both N and I hardly slept.  This morning I got up Nd made appointment with the doctor for both the kids.  I left the office around 10:40, since our appointment was at 11am, to come home and fetch both the munchkins and take them to the doctor.  I only got back to the office just before 1pm after going to the doctor and getting meds at the Dis-chem.  
Both have a throat infection and so have to be on antibiotics.  
Eli has just fallen asleep so I hope we get to have some sleep as well tonite.  
Get better soon my angels!!!!

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