Lets play catch up!!

You may be wondering why I’ve been so quiet over the last few day.  Well it all started with my last post where I mentioned that my mom is visiting for an extended weekend.

On Friday last week was Grandparents Tea at Hannah’s school so my mom came up from Durban for the weekend so that she can go to the tea.  My mom’s sister lives up here in Jozi (my cousin T’s mom), so when we were told by the school that they were having grandparents tea I invited her just in case my mom wasn’t going to make it.  Since I had invited her, I decided that it was only fair to take her with even though my mom was coming up for the event.  Earlier in the week I had volunteered to send a savoury platter to school for the tea.

I knew that there was going to be lots to do on Friday so I took the day off from work and that would mean that my mom, Hannah and I could have some girly time after the tea.  Friday morning, I got up early and my mom helped with getting the platter ready while I got Hannah ready for school.  I dropped Hannah off at school, got back, helped to finish up the platter and then went to fetch my aunt.  Got back home fetched my mom and dropped them off at the school.  About an hour later I was back in the car to fetch them from school.

This was all before lunch and I had a long list of errands that needed to be done.   I decided that the main thing that I needed to achieve was get the grocery shopping done since N hates having to go with me.  So us girls made our way to the shops and then decided on stopping of for a late lunch before coming home to unpack the groceries and get ready to meet my brother and his family for dinner.

On Saturday morning I got up and baked 48 cupcakes for our Mandela day project which was happening on Sunday.  After getting the cupcakes done and packing Eli off to go with grandma to my brother’s house I got ready to go to a meeting at church.  N was taking Hannah to a birthday party that afternoon.

We were going to my brother to fetch Eli and have dinner.  When we got back I still had to ice the cupcakes.  I had this image in my mind of rainbow coloured cupcakes and I wanted to make sure they came out just perfect.  I set off mixing the icing in different colours and then started piping.

I must admit, I think I did a pretty good job and the image I had in my head really came to life.

On Sunday morning, I got up and started getting the burgers in the oven as we were preparing lunch for the kids at Village Safe Haven in Buccleuch.
Now let me tell how excited I was to find that literally in my own backyard there was a place that I could volunteer my time and resources to.  To say I was super thrilled is putting it mildly.

The menu for our lunch with the kids was burgers, hotdogs, mini pizzas, mini pies and cupcakes for dessert.  I got all the burgers ready and T was getting the rest sorted out.  Whilst my brother and his family were doing the treat stuff like sweets, chips cold drinks etc.  One of my other cousins, A, visited us in the week and when I mentioned to her and her husband what it is we are doing they also wanted to join and also made a contribution.  All in all the kids had a fun afternoon and I put my name down to volunteer some of my time in the learning centre.  We have a meeting this Saturday to discuss what this entails.  Will keep you all updated.

Before I knew it I was saying goodbye to my mom as it was time for her to make her way to the airport. Needless to say this weekend had me so tired that on Monday and Tuesday evening I took Eli to put him to bed and was sound asleep myself without even changing into my pj’s.

I am still extremely exhausted and I am glad that it is Friday tomorrow so I can hopefully get some rest over the weekend *fingers crossed*

I am happy to report that it was in fact a growth spurt with Eli and he is back into his routine and getting up at around 7am.  *shouting thank you God*


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