A crazy couple of days

Since my last post its been a crazy couple of days. It has whizzed past in a blur and I hardly remember most of it.

My little angel, Eli, has slept through until around 6am since he was 8 weeks old and Hannah slept through since 6 weeks old so I haven’t been one of those sleep deprived mommies and if I appear to be then its because of my own doing.

This week, Eli got up at 5am on Monday and Tuesday and was looking for a bottle, so I fed him and he put him back in his cot and in about 5 minutes he was sleeping again. He got up at 3am yesterday morning and 2:30am today …drank his bottle and fell off to sleep while drinking.

He may be having a growth but I also stopped giving him cereal in the evenings and started him on butternut on Sunday evening. I am making the butternut at home but have measured out the same amount as the little purity jar. He is finishing it and when we offer him milk or water he does not want to drink either as if he is full. Then I give him a bottle about and hour and a half after before bed. I’m not sure if the food isn’t filling him. So last night I added a teaspoon of cereal to his butternut and he still got up.

I am not sure what to do now ….any ideas?

I’ll give him until the weekend to see how it goes.

On the plus side my mom arrived yesterday for an extended weekend with us ….yay!!!! I’m so grateful to my mom for all she does for me and my kids.


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