Life according to my 5 year old

I have been teaching Hannah about Nelson Mandela over the last few weeks so yesterday at the dinner table I announced that today was Nelson Mandela’s birthday and that the Department of Education want all learners to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at 8am today.

Since we’ve been having nanny issues(we’ll leave that for another day) we were not going to make it to Hannah’s school by 8am so I told her we will sing at home while listening to the radio.

Hannah got up this morning all excited that there was a birthday to be celebrated. She comes into our room and the first thing I hear is ‘Oh, where is daddy? Now how are we going to sing for Nelson Mandela without daddy?’. I explained that N has already left for work and he will sing at work.

I turned on the radio so we wouldn’t miss our que to sing. They started playing a song and in between there were snippets of Madiba’s voice and well-wishers and in between songs the usual Highveld Stereo tagline played. One well-wisher that caught Hannah’s attention was a little girl that said ‘I love you Madiba’, which sparked the following conversation:

H: Mom, who is Madiba?
Me: That is Nelson Mandela’s other name
H: What is Highveld Stereo and why do the keep saying it on the radio?
Me: That’s the name of the radio station
H: What is a radio station?
Me: It’s a place similar to mom’s office where they play music from and read the news and tell us what happens in the traffic
H: So does that little girl live there?
Me: No its a place where people work
H: So why was she talking on the radio?
Me: The people at the radio station go out and talk to people and ask then questions and if they have any messages for Madiba.
H: Ok …how old is the little girl?
Me: I’m not sure …I think about 6 or 7 years old
H: Does she look like me?
Me: I’m not sure
H: Does she have hair like mine?
Me: No she has hair like your friend Tahlitha
H: Ok so her hair is curly and black
Me: Yes

I thought that was it …the Spanish Inquisition for the day was done. We got to sing at 8am and were ready to leave for school. On the way to school while listening to the radio Hannah hears them mention Twitter.

H: Mom, what is Twitter?
Me: It is a social media platform (being in online marketing I thought that was the perfect answer and then it dawned on me that I was chatting to a 5 year old) It is a website on the internet where you can write things about yourself that you can share with your friends and there are others like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. But on Twitter you can only write short messages
H: Ok, so that’s where you had Nelson Mandela’s picture on your phone this morning
Me: Yes

Thank goodness school is a 3minute drive from our house. We get to the school and as I walked her to her classroom she starts again:

H: Mom, does Nelson Mandela know that today is his birthday?
Me: Yes
H: Are you sure? Cos my teacher said he was very sick in hospital and sleeping a lot
Me: Yes he does ….he’s getting better now.

Thankfully we got to her classroom and we said goodbye.

All this before 8:30am and I hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee yet. Whew!!!

Kids, you’ve gotta love them 🙂 🙂


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