Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was N’s birthday and we decided we were not going out to celebrate. I decided to make a nice dinner at home for just us.

It took me a while to think up what I was going to make but once I had the idea I was even planning the plating up in my head so that it looked and tasted just perfect.

I love cooking and baking and would give anything to spend an entire day in the kitchen doing just that. However when you have to work and then come home and prepare a fancy dinner you need to use some shortcuts along the way.

I left the office a little early yesterday to get started just before N got home and soon Hannah was announcing ‘Royal Family Dinner’

For starters I got some calamari goujons and a mixed salad from Woolies. The calamari took 10 minutes in the oven and was great.

Main course was pan fried prawns which I marinated in a little lemon juice, salt, pepper, fresh coriander, peri-peri spice and crushed garlic, steamed vegetables, yellow rice and an Indian version of tomato chutney. Sooooo delicious!!!

Dessert was ultimate decadence, Woolworths triple chocolate dessert for me and Lemon Cheesecake for N.

N looked like he enjoyed his dinner 🙂


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