The Weekend is just too short

Why are weekends so short? Wish I had more time ….

On Saturday I left the kids with N for the first time since Eli was born ….needless to say, he didn’t cope too well.

#amazingpartiesza had a ‘Cars’ themed birthday party that we were planning so I had to be up early to help with the preparations. The business is run by my cousin T and I. Luckily she does a lot of the work and I assist where I can. T is very good at baking so she baked the cake on Friday and it turned out great.

T’s husband was away for the weekend she wanted to take her kids and Hannah to the movies. After setting up I went home and started on the cooking as T and the kids were coming over for supper. I made a nice lamb breyani which was perfect for the cold weather.

On Sunday morning, N put Eli down for his morning nap and he also had a small nap. Hannah wanted pancakes for breakfast so while the boys were napping I got started on that …..after breakfast we had to start the usual routine of getting the entire family ready for church. Of course we were late for church again this week.

Our 67 minutes project didn’t happen as my brother and T’s family also wanted to be a part of it and they were not available this weekend so we have moved it to the 28th of July.

Today is N’s birthday and since it is a week night and we don’t want to take the kids out in the cold for babysitting, I have planned a really special home made supper ….will post a few pics tomorrow.


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