The week has flown by …..

Whew!!! This has been a busy week indeed and it has flown by.  Tomorrow is Friday ….yay!!!!

I cant wait for the weekend …..just want to chill and spend some quality time with my family, unfortunately it is not going to be one of those weekends.  Too many things to do …too little time!

My party planning business, #amazingpartiesza, has been contracted to plan a party on Saturday afternoon so I’ll be busy from the morning getting everything prepared.  It’s a one year old boy’s birthday and his mom has chosen the Disney Cars theme.  Check out our previous parties that we’ve done at

Next week is International Mandela Day and our family wants to give our 67 minutes to the cause.  Firstly we had to teach Hannah what Mandela Day is about and why we need to do our bit for the community.  I have decided that I want Hannah to get involved as much as possible.  I thought I should combine something she enjoys doing so that she can see that this is something we should enjoy doing and not see it as a laborious task.  I have decided that Hannah will help me make sandwiches and we can hand them out to those in need.  Since I have to work on Wednesday we will be doing our 67 minutes on Sunday.  I have also asked my brother and cousin and their families if they want to join us.  Will post some pics next week.


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