A crazy couple of days

Since my last post its been a crazy couple of days. It has whizzed past in a blur and I hardly remember most of it.

My little angel, Eli, has slept through until around 6am since he was 8 weeks old and Hannah slept through since 6 weeks old so I haven’t been one of those sleep deprived mommies and if I appear to be then its because of my own doing.

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Life according to my 5 year old

I have been teaching Hannah about Nelson Mandela over the last few weeks so yesterday at the dinner table I announced that today was Nelson Mandela’s birthday and that the Department of Education want all learners to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at 8am today.

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The Weekend is just too short

Why are weekends so short? Wish I had more time ….

On Saturday I left the kids with N for the first time since Eli was born ….needless to say, he didn’t cope too well.

#amazingpartiesza had a ‘Cars’ themed birthday party that we were planning so I had to be up early to help with the preparations. The business is run by my cousin T and I. Luckily she does a lot of the work and I assist where I can. T is very good at baking so she baked the cake on Friday and it turned out great. Continue reading “The Weekend is just too short”