A crazy couple of days

Since my last post its been a crazy couple of days. It has whizzed past in a blur and I hardly remember most of it.

My little angel, Eli, has slept through until around 6am since he was 8 weeks old and Hannah slept through since 6 weeks old so I haven’t been one of those sleep deprived mommies and if I appear to be then its because of my own doing.

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The Weekend is just too short

Why are weekends so short? Wish I had more time ….

On Saturday I left the kids with N for the first time since Eli was born ….needless to say, he didn’t cope too well.

#amazingpartiesza had a ‘Cars’ themed birthday party that we were planning so I had to be up early to help with the preparations. The business is run by my cousin T and I. Luckily she does a lot of the work and I assist where I can. T is very good at baking so she baked the cake on Friday and it turned out great. Continue reading

Jozi cold front

So today has turned out to be the coldest day this winter in Jozi.  It’s the perfect weather for staying under the blankie watching movies and enjoying some buttery popcorn.  Instead I decided that we should have a lunch time braai.  Naturally N was tasked with having to make the fire and braai the meat while the kids and I stayed snug and warm inside while I made the salads.

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