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Hip Hip Hooray!!

Eli, my beautiful baby boy, you turn 5 today.  You are everything and more than I asked for in a little boy.  You are  spunky, funny, caring, loving, passionate and oh so adorable.

I love that you make us laugh till our sides hurt,
I love that you come through the door bounding in with a jolly, Hello how was your day mom?
I love that you love people and will chat to anyone, anywhere and anytime,
I love how your greet grandma, Hello my Valentine!
I love how you adore your grandpa and want to spend as much time as you can with him,
I love that you want to be just like daddy,
I love that you know exactly what you want and are not afraid to tell others,
I love that you play your sport with such passion and drive,
I love how you never forget to include your sister in everything you do,
I love how you cuddle with mom when you are sad or upset,
I love that you love playing with your sister even when she doesn’t want to play with you,
I love you my beautiful boy

Happy 5th Birthday my angel!! I hope that you are blessed with your hearts desire.

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Last week’s lunchbox roundup

Here is a roundup of last week’s lunchboxes for the kiddos.

Hannah was sick on Monday so there is no lunch box pic.

Tuesday: Veg curry sandwich, rice crackers and cherry plums

Wednesday: Pastrami with lettuce and tomato sandwich, cucumber and tomato skewers, blueberries, cherry plums and love heart candies

Thursday: Chicken nuggets, tomato sauce for dipping, nectarines and a muffin

Friday: Nutella sandwiches, mango and rice crackers (since they had Nutella sandwich, there was no teat today)

I try to add in as much variety as I can and also include the kids in the planning of lunches so that they enjoy what’s in their lunch box each day.

What do you pack you kids for lunch?



Valentine’s Day 2018

N and I have never big into Valentine’s Day and have done small gifts and quiet dinners at home.

I always like to make a special meal and lay the table with beautiful serviettes and candles.  I remember the first Valentine’s dinner I cooked him before we were married.  I laid out the table with candles and put rose petals on the floor leading from the door to the dinner table.  It was all very romantic and I think that was the day N decided he would marry me cos he always says that he married me because of my cooking skills 🙂

Now that we have kids I still like to make an effort with a beautifully laid table, candles and a great meal.  I also put out little gifts for Hannah and Eli including some chocolate.

This year it took me such a long time to decide on what we should do for dinner.  It was either a picnic in our lounge or a nice sit down candle lit dinner. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day 2018”

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Lunchbox tips

Now that every one is back to school and work for roughly about 5 weeks, lets talk lunchboxes.

It can be a daunting task to plan and execute healthy and edible lunches everyday.  My children have different tastes and N is so fussy when it comes to what goes into his sandwiches.

Let me give you an insight into how we pack lunches.  From Tuesday to Friday N and I take leftovers from the previous nights dinner.  I simply cook a little extra each night so that we have enough for lunch, it also helps me as N leaves for work by 6:15am and I only get into the kitchen then to start breakfast and lunch for the kiddos.  N has breakfast in the office, which is usually cereal.

On a Sunday I do our weekly meal prep including the kids lunches and I include them in the planning so that they are happy with what is being sent for lunch.  Hannah doesn’t mind some curry in her sandwich but Eli will not take curry.  If all else fails, Eli will take a cheese sandwich – he is a little obsessed with cheese.

Here are my tips on planning lunchboxes: Continue reading “Lunchbox tips”

Bullet Journal

Getting Organised

One of the most important things that I wanted to accomplish for 2018 was to become a lot more organised this year.  As a working mom withe one child at school and one at creche, it was very important to me to get my life organised.  Sometime ago while surfing Pinterest, I came across something called a bullet journal.  For those of you who are familiar with bullet journals, here is the link to the original founder’s website:

So in essence a bullet journal is a combination of all the different lists one makes to keep organised.  Now I had a list for meal planning, grocery shopping and weekly shops, as well as a list of what is in my freezer every month and I also had to keep track of the many events that were taking place at my daughter’s school and at my son’s creche.  Most of these lists were on single pieces of paper which was becoming increasingly frustrating to work with, especially with the meal planning it always helps to go back and make notes of which meals my family enjoyed so that I can replicate in the future.

Continue reading “Getting Organised”